Plant Parade NFT

What are NFTs?

What are NFTs?

What are NFTs? What does it Stand for?

Non-fungible token

No, this doesn’t translate to “jpeg”. This basically means it is a “record” stored on a blockchain that is un-changeable, and not replaceable.

Though many people are familiar with the term NFT relating to an image they can save, the NFT itself is best thought of as a certificate of authenticity attached to that image. The “certificate” (hash) is verifiable and unable to be replicated allowing people/companies to prove exclusive ownership of digital assets.

How do I buy a Plant Parade NFT?

There are a few things you should look at before trying to mint your Plant Parade NFT. Here are the steps:

1. Setup a MetaMask Wallet

2. Purchase or Transfer Crypto

3. Connect your Wallet to

4. Select the quantity you’d like to mint

1. Setup a MetaMask Wallet

In this video, James, from MoneyZG explains how to sign up and setup MetaMask wallets in an easy to follow tutorial.

2. Purchase or Transfer Crypto

If you don’t already have crypto, or Ethereum, you can purchase this through MetaMask using their partner, Wyre or you can sign up on a number of Crypto exchanges to purchase crypto and later connect your wallets to make sure your crypto is in your MetaMask before mint date.

Be aware, on the Ethereum network, we have what is known as “Gas” fees. This is a variable fee based on how “busy” the Ethereum network is and the costs surge the more busy it gets.  If the Gas fees are high you can decline your transaction and try again later to see if Gas is lower.

You can also use the resources below to track and predict gas fees and optimize your FIAT ($,€,£,¥) spend to purchase Crypto.

3. Connect your Wallet to

The first thing is to make sure you are using the Chrome Browser and that you have installed the MetaMask Chrome extension.

If you have MetaMask extension already and there is crypto (ethereum) funds in the wallet, you can go to the Home page and look for the “Connect your wallet” button. Clicking this will trigger a confirmation in your MetaMask wallet and you will need to confirm that via the chrome extension.


After you’ve confirmed the wallet is connected, you can select the quantity and use the “Mint” button to make your transaction.


If your wallet is on our Allow List, the transaction will send another confirmation through MetaMask, with details on the Gas fees and confirming the transaction. MetaMask with produce a Transaction Hash and the transaction will complete as the network validates it. This may take a few minutes in some cases.

4. Select the quantity you'd like to Mint

For the Pre-sale Allow list, there is a limit of 4 NFTs per wallet address. The public sale is limited to 12 per wallet. You can use the quantity selector to mint the amount that fit’s your budget.

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